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To select the best dog sitter for you, fill out our survey as completely and honestly as possible

Choose the gender of your pet*

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Choose which of these your dog has*

include the veterinarian's contact number, if possible

Pulls the leash hard?*

Does your dog pick up from the ground?*

If your dog picks it up, can we take it from their mouth?*

Indicate whom or what your dog has the aggression towards*

Can your doggy contact with other dogs?*

Is it needed to wash your dog's paws after a walk?*

Where do you usually wash your paws?*

Can your pet accidentally go to toilet at home (without diapers)?*

Does your dog chew on something when he is alone at home?*

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How many times a day should we walk your dog?

You can specify the time intervals when you want to start the walk. The standard price is valid for walks up to 45 minutes.

Will the dog sitter be allowed to be absent from the sitting?

By default, the dog sitter must spend at least 12 hours a day with the dog, but there is an additional option without leaving
If your dog usually sleeps with you in the bed - we will do it as well, so that he/she would totally feel like home🥰
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