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Nanny for dogs in Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa

Gentle caring as with your own childfrom 270 UAH

Nanny for dogs in Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa

Gentle caringas with your own child
from 270 UAH


When do you need a nannyfor your dog?


The dog behaves badly at home

The dog howls, tears pillows, gnaws sofa, eats shoes, destroys furniture, bites cables, or enjoys doing any other damage


The dog got sick :(

The dog is sick, you need to take care of him/her, track their condition, spend quality time, or take them to the vet.


The dog needs attention

Your dog loves being surrounded with people and cannot be alone.

Why you should choose us?


Quick selection of nanny

You provide details about your dog, set a date and time when any is needed, and we select a nanny that suits your dog


Certified nannies

Each nanny goes through a selection process: interview, training, internship and certification


You can trust your key

It is not scary to trust us with your apartment and the key, since your personal nanny is already carefully selected and checked

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What is included in the dog nanny service:

    The nanny will spend all the time with your dog, be near him/her and take proper care
    If necessary, at the agreed time, the nanny will feed your dog and pour water
    Lots of games and attention as well as scratching behind the ear:)
    Frequent and mandatory reports in Telegram: with photos, time tracker and a short description of how everything is going
    Vaccinations are mandatoryThe manager will ask you to upload a photo of your dog's passport with up-to-date vaccinations. The safety of animals comes first for us.
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Cost of services


Nanny for dog

270 UAHfirst hour

the cost of each subsequent one - 120 UAH

    For each additional dog: 100 UAH for the first hour and + 40 UAH for each subsequent hour
    Walking as an additional service is paid separately: 200 UAH for 1 dog, + 250 UAH for two dogs
    If you order nanny for more than 8 hours walk will be our gift for you:)

Customers rate our service 5/5

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Some of our performers

We carefully select and vet our employees. Only 1 in 10 becomes a member of our team.Do you want to become one of them?



Dog walker and dog nanny

Maryana is a student at KMA. She loves animals, is responsible, and has a degree in biology, which gives her skills in understanding the behavior and needs of animals.



Dog-sitter, dog walker, and dog nanny

Yulia's main occupation is working in a pharmaceutical company. She adores animals and enjoys the moments she spends with them.



Dog-sitter, dog walker, and dog nanny

Liza's primary occupation is working in the office as manager at Megogo, and she also works in social media management as a freelancer. She is very attentive and loving. With her your furry friend will be in reliable hands.

Need a nanny?

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Questions and answers

  • When do I need help from dogchill?

    Dog walking might be useful when you are busy or don't have the opportunity to walk your dog. You stay late at work, or you want to go to a cinema after work, on a date, or just stop by your family or friends for a glass of wine without rushing. Or you're just sick and not able to go out.

    Dogchill can be useful when you are going on vacation or a business trip and do not want to leave your pet with friends or relatives. With us, your dog will be as happy as you are on vacation:) We will always be in touch and send great photos from your pet's vacation.

    A dog sitter is a must for a dog that doesn't like to be left alone at home (if he/she howls, whines - we will make sure your neighbours will not call you and complain about it :)). Also our dog sitters can be useful if your pet gets sick and needs supervision.

  • Will my dog be walked on a leash?

    Yes, of course! We do not let dogs off the leash. Each dog sitter and walker walks with a dog on a special leash: the leash and walker's belt, which are designed on the basis of climbing equipment, will never break and are connected to each other by climbing carabiners. Therefore, we guarantee that the dog will not escape. But it is very important your dog's harness or a collar is also reliable.

  • What if something happens to my dog?

    VetOnline veterinarians are always in touch with us, and we will contact them immediately. When you fill the application form regarding the service you need, we kindly ask you to leave the contact of the veterinarian or clinic where you are usually served. And of course, we will contact you immediately and follow all your instructions indeed.

  • What should I do with the apartment keys?

    The keys can be transferred in any way convenient for you: through a concierge, security guard, neighbour, taxi, 'Nova Poshta' or hand them over to the walker/dog sitter during your meeting with them.

  • How to place an order?

    You can place an order by calling the phone number that is mentioned on the top of our website or you could just leave a request which you can find on one of our pages as well. We will contact you shortly as soon as we receive you application form to clarify it and ask for additional information if needed :)

  • What additional services do you have? Can you take my dog for a haircut or to the vet?

    As we mentioned previously - our main goal is to help you and your pet. So if you have any specific request - we are more than sure that we can discuss everything and come up with the solution :)

  • Can a dog sitter or dog walker handle my dog?

    All dog sitters and dog walkers are selected and trained, including online courses and internships on various topics with mentors. If you have a dog who is hard to handle, we will select an experienced dog sitter/walker who will definitely be able to do that.

  • Will the dog get lost on a walk?

    Your dog will not get lost! We use special equipment: a walking belt and strong carabiners. The equipment has been repeatedly tested on large dogs and even on towing a car.

  • How is the payment made?

    Payment can be made by bank transaction or requisites. One of our managers will create and send you an invoice.

  • Is a contract concluded?

    You can find the offer agreement on our website or we can send it to you individually via Telegram. It is important that you read it beforehand:)

  • What is the difference between a nanny and a dog sitter?

    A nanny is an hourly dog sitting service. And dog sitting is a round-the-clock stay with your dog when you are away. A nanny stays with the dog 100% of the time, and the dog sitter can leave the house during the day. You can order nanny service from two hours, and dog sitting from two days.

  • Do you work with dogs without vaccinations?

    No, no, and one more time - no! We are working only with vaccinated pets and we don't make any exceptions :)